singer vs brother sewing machinesSinger is probably able to boast that it is the leading brand in sewing machines as it sales account for over 40% of all sewing machine sales. Brother International on the other hand accounts for just under 30% of sewing machine sales.
Singer offer a variety of machines that will support the beginner, the expert, embroiderer and quilter. Singer also offer heavy duty machines, free-arm and computerized sewing machines. It is believed that Singer is the name that is synonymous worldwide with Sewing Machines.
Brother also offers a variety of models and is probably best known for their innovative sewing machines, that are very high quality but at affordable prices that even the beginner to sewing would willingly pay for. Brother International are also able to offer accessories (specialised presser foot etc.) that have the flexibility for use on other Brother Machines. Brother also offers sewing machines that have multiple functions, which can combine sewing and embroidery machines using some really advanced technology, designed for ease of use.
The machines can be purchased at stores that specialise in sewing machines as well as in Walmart, Target and can be bought online through Amazon. Brother can also be purchased in the same places and directly through the Brother International.

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Looking at the most recent additions to the Singer collection, designers have included tools that automatically thread needles and cut threads which has to be a boon for the user at any level of interest and ability. When you think about the time that you spend threading a machine needle and the additional time spent picking up the scissors to cut thread this has got to be a major consideration.
One of the down sides to purchasing a new Singer Sewing machine is the lack of tutorial videos or even some forums. Instruction manuals are handy to keep close but being able to access an instructional video is always a plus as you are not spending a lot of time trying to figure out how the drawing/picture in the manual matches our machine. Some of the advanced features of the newest machine can save you time and effort but mastery may be difficult without any tutorials. Forums are always a real plus because you can always pick up on someone solution to the problem that you are experiencing.

Singer’s ability to design machines that are multifunctional, are matched by Brother’s newer additions to the family. Brother have produced a sewing machine which has the capability to grow with the ability and experience of the sewer. Some of the features for creating and designing may seem very challenging and overwhelming to the beginner, but over time they are able turn to and use the functions intuitively without having to go and purchase a new machine. But one of the down sides to this is that the tension of the thread has to be adjusted manually, and this requires some patience and a bit of knowhow.
In a recent consumer comparison report Singer scored 10/10 and Brother 9.8/10. At the end of the day it is all down to personal preference.

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