Singer Simple 3116Some masters of the trade in sewing will find this sewing machine so basically simple, as the name implies. The Singer so simple,  I mean the machine, is so basic the novices and the fashion gurus might enjoy owning this little wonder. The stitches are for basic sewing, decorative and stretch. The 18 built-in stitches are typically the most used among the sewers. Before we go further, let us first examine the offered lists of features the Singer Simple 3116 mechanical sewing machine has to offer.

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Singer Simple 3116  Features:

Uni-Style Buttonhole
With Built-In Accessory Storage
Horizontal Thread Delivery
Bobbin Class: 15
Adjustable Presser foot
18 Built-In Stitches
Mechanical Operation
Easy to operate
Automatic Needle-threader
4 different Presser Foot
Manual Tension Adjuster
Adjustable Stitch Length
Adjustable Stitch Width
With Reverse Stitch Lever
Drop Feed Slider
On Board Thread Cutter
On Board Needle Threader
Front Loading Bobbin
Free Arm
Superb Stitch Quality
Low Price

The Singer Simple 3116 is practically low tech compared to other brands with computerized features. But it is not necessarily inferior to them. The Simple 3116 is just that, Simple! Anyway, probably you have seen some products in the same category as this machine and I will tell you frankly, that this small one has a kick when it comes to stitching. The stitches produced by this machine are truly aaawesome! The stitches are really so beautiful. There are 4 different presser feet on its arsenal all can be gracefully utilized as the designs were so basically crafted. The simplicity of this machine enables you to finish your project in a snap. Youth as young as fifth grade can operate this machine without constant supervision. This is ideal for school project which involve sewing.

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Sometimes you can encounter problem with the thread tension, but when you discover the technique to it, you will enjoy the easiness of its operation. Winding the bobbin is quite so easy. Again, elementary grade pupils can easily do that. This machine is just like an easy word puzzle, if you figure out the first and the second word, you figure it all out.
However, putting the bobbin in place, it is necessary to remove first the work table and exposed the free arm. A not so tiring job, it is seldom done not unless you have to change thread color. The drop feed control lever is to the immediate right of the bobbin housing.

Not all fabrics can be sewn by the Simple 3116, however. The fabric that can best be fitted to its foot include: upholstery; synthetics such as blends, rayon and polyester; fine fabrics such as silk, satin, taffeta and velvet; knits (medium to heavyweight only); natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and wool. On the contrary, the limitations are; fur; reptile skin; leather and suede; canvass and twill; plastic and rubber; and extra thick or multiple layer fabrics.
Furthermore, the Singer Simple 3116 really experience difficulty in some operation, just like any other product that involve moving parts. Untrained or sewers that were inactivated for a long time may find it, sometimes, the bunching of stitches under the foot plate. This will be probably the cause when pressing the pedal too rapidly or too slowly. In either case, thread tension should be checked and adjusted.
The machine does require periodical maintenance such as lubrication, dusting and frequent wiping when idle for a long time.

 Some Accessories That Go With the machine:

Blind Hem foot
Darning foot
Gathering foot
Cording foot
Quilting foot
Satin Stitch foot
Overcast foot
Even feed foot
4 Snap on presser foot
Seam Ripper/Lint brush
Seam guide
Spool Holders
Instructional DVD
Owner’s Manual

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The 4 presser feet that come as accessories include; all-purpose presser foot, zipper foot, buttonhole foot and button foot. Some users experienced jamming and leaving tangled threads in the feed dog. This may be sometimes due to low quality thread that needs to be replaced by inexpensive one but with proven durability. Overall rating on Singer Simple 3116 Mechanical singer Sewing Machine is satisfactory. Although not as reliable as the other brands, the stitches are exceptional

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