Singer CG590Welcome the machine for bulk sewing! Yes, you heard it right! The Singer CG590 is built to last.The motor is so powerful, 60% more power compared to other brands with the same features and price range. This machine can sew heavy fabric. Meaning? It means that thick and bulky fabrics can easily be handled by this “monster”. This product is certified for industrial use. It can be run for so many hours in a 24-hour operation without the motor heating up. But please do some breaks. The body is mostly made up of stainless steel that protects it from the elements and harsh environment.
Since the motor is so powerful, it can sew in a really amazing speed of 1100 spm(stitches per minute). The bed plate is stainless steel that would last for so many years. The tear and wear that undergo with the parts may take longer than any other. Transmission drive is by a semi-plastic belt that never rusts or corrodes so you have a guaranteed performance of a lifetime.

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The CG 590 boasts of an “armory” of features that experts may find the machine “well-funded” by functions you may use under such circumstances that are certainly present in an industrial setting. Beginners may find this product “too much” for them because this is what this machine is built for:to serve heavy industries. But this machine could be a better starting point when novices want to experience difficult maneuvers concerning sewing. This machine will give them a hard-earned lesson that they can utilize during hard sewing.

Singer CG590 sewing machine features

.Electronic Foot Control
.Simple Bobbin Winder
.Drop Feed Capability
.Free Arm Capability
.Stitch Length Control
.Reverse and Buttonhole Control
.Needle Position Selector
.Stitch Balance Control
.Stitch Width Lever
.18 Built-In Stitches
.4-Step Buttonhole
.Simple Thread Tension Dial
.Stainless Steel Bed-plate
.Automatic Bobbin Threader
.Top Loading System
.Sewing Speed: 1100 spm
.Commercial Grade
.Jam-proof Bobbin System
.Snap-on Presser Feet
With a 2-page Product Brochure
.Built-In Carrying Handle
.Seven Segment Feeding System

One of the features that are not user- friendly for beginners Sewing is the location of the bobbin assembly. The CG590 is a top-loading bobbin system wherein the bobbin is placed on the top of the sewing table, just below the foot. But for the experts, they like it this way because of the ease of re-loading the bobbin save them precious time. Unlike other sewing machine brands, that is, with the bobbin assembly located sideways, bending makes the sewer to consume much longer time re-loading.
Besides being compact, the CG590 is also equipped with a power motor that can deliver the needed speed to finish bulk orders from customers. However, if you plan to sew longer every day, it is advisable to find a place that is well ventilated to give the motor a passage for heat dissipation.

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The CG590 has 18 built-in stitches that you can select by dialing the provided thread tension dial. By using the automatic needle- threader, you do not have to be exerting more effort in threading the needle. The stitch width is adjustable by way of the stitch width lever that is so easy to use. Since this machine is for industrial use, the manufacturer sees to it that your bobbin never gets jammed. In case of jamming, just do not step on the foot control abruptly. This may cause an abnormal turning- speed in the motor that makes the thread jammed. You see, electrical current, when supplied in a quick and unregulated succession, reverses the motor’s rotor in split second, causing a jamming effect in the bobbin that causes the tangling of the thread. Experts do have this skill to manipulate the foot control in a relaxed manner that is why they sew in a smooth and continuous way.

Accessories of the  singer CG590 commercial grade sewing machine

.Additional Needles
.Spool Caps
.Zipper Foot
.Special Purpose Foot
.Buttonhole Foot
.Blind stitch Foot
.A Bobbin( Class 66)
.Blind Hem Foot
.Power cord
.Satin Stitch Foot
.Instruction Manual
.Stitch Guide Manual

The Singer CG590 has a limited warranty of 25 years for the head, 2 years on electrical parts( this include the motor, light assembly, switches, wiring, electronic components and controls, a 90-day warranty on belts, bulbs, rings, adjustments and attachments). The warranty is guaranteed by the manufacturer, The Singer Sewing Company.

Some Singer CG590 Reviews:

  • This machine is out of this world. It’s one heck of a work horse! The only problem I’ve had with it so far is the needle plate broke already and I’ve only had it since February. Will be calling Singer in the morning to have it replaced.
    Tina May
  • We purchased this Singer to complete a set of window and windshield solar screens for our RV. Our regular machine didn’t have the power to see the heavy solar screen materials. It worked without a hitch. Sally completed sewing the snap-on screens for 5 windows and solar screens for the 8 tires. I added the screw snaps to the fabric and the RV. It looks great and keeps the RV cooler in the sunlight and protects the tires from UV damage.
    RV Buddies “Tom and Sally”

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