Singer_8763The Singer 8763 Curvy Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine adds a new and significantly improved touch to the art of sewing. Thanks to advance technology, this sewing machine has been automated to enhance usability, while maintaining just the right conditions to accommodate both skilled and amateur users.

The Singer 8763 tops the chart of premium quality sewing machines, with a whopping total of 30 built-in stitches from which to choose. With so many available options, clients can take their sewing career to soaring heights! In addition, the stitch patterns create the unique opportunity for users to maximize their level of creativity. Included in this diverse array of in-built stitches are two fully automatic one-step buttonholes that would produce an effective finish on your clothing.

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Features of the  Singer 8763 Curvy Computerized  Sewing Machine

Likewise, the option for adjustable stitch length and width are available so that users can select just the option to suit their needs. The Singer 8763 Curvy Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine provides a SwiftSmart threading system that allows for automatic threading of needles and a significant relief from the eye-straining effect of manual needle threading. StayBright LED provides the perfect illumination for the sewing area. Stitch selection is easily guaranteed at the push of a button. Unlike the conventional sewing machines, the settings for parameters like balance, tension, length and width are all incorporated into this system and are automatically adjusted for optimum results.

Reverse stitching is fully automated likewise, and aids in the proper reinforcement of the forward stitches made. The Singer 8763 facilitates twin needle stitching for creating both decorative and more durable stitch patterns. This particular model renders a speed of up to 750 stitches per minute. This guarantees a timely completion of the job, while ensuring that the adequate number of stitches is properly delivered.

The Singer 8763 Curvy Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine is loaded with numerous other features, including a 6-Segment Feeding System for enhanced feeding and precision; an in-built thread cutter for accurate cutting and time saving, as well as a free arm that caters for hard – to – reach areas of pants, cuffs and collars. The Singer 8763 is supported by a heavy duty metal frame which provides adequate stability and durability to the machine.

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The stepper motors responsible for empowering the machine are fully automated to create uniform stitch patterns for better results. The automated adjustable power system ensures that extra power is provided whenever the machine senses the presence of thicker materials with greater stitching demands. For such a complex an automated system, the price of the Singer 8763 could not be better; not to mention, the added discount of up to 47 % with free shipping & handling.

The Singer 8763 Curvy Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine also comes protected with a 25 – year warranty seal so that any unforeseen troubles can be managed by the trusted company. With so much for so little, the purchase of this sewing machine is perhaps one of the best investment choices that anyone can make. Enjoy automated sewing at its best with the Singer 8763 Curvy Computerized Free-Arm Sewing Machine!

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