Singer 7258

SINGER 7258You are sitting in your living room as your fingers flip the corners of the book’s pages. The room is warm as the sounds of cold winds blow outside. The howling winds prompt you to look at the quilt pinned to the wall – cubes of cranberry red, ocean blue, lemon yellow, and lime green decorate the quilt, as large lines zig-zag around them. You take the quilt down from the wall and wrap it around your body. As you sit down to resume your reading, you notice something – at the corner of the quilt is a tear. What can you do to properly fix this? No worries, as there is a solution.

The Singer 7258 sewing machine comes with one hundred built in stitches that can perform on a variety of objects like crafts, heirlooms, fashion sewing, and much more. Have you ever worked on a sewing machine that messes up your work?

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The Singer 7258 has a metal frame (a rigid internal skeleton) that promises to have a still sewing machine, so while using it you don’t have to worry about skipping stiches. The Singer 7258 stylist has a large variety of built in stitching that can be broken down into four categories. The first category is made up of nine stitches for construction and mending. The second category is composed of eight stretch stitches designed to move with your fabric. The third category has seventy-six decorative stitches that add detail on any project. The fourth category has six different one-step buttonhole styles either short or long button sides.

The product comes with a LED display screen that shows the user both length and width of the stitch. Do you have trouble seeing in the dark or have dark contrasted colors to work with? No fret, as the product is equipped with a StayBright LED light that illuminates the sewing surface (lasts for 100,000 hours), and unlike other bulbs stays cool, so there is no worries of burning oneself.

The Singer 7258 has an easy to insert bobbin that loads from the top, so the bobbin’s thread supply can be monitored effectively. The loadable bobbin pin is unique that it ceases to turn when it’s empty. The needle bar that’s a part of the bobbin automatically disengages when winding the bobbin, so the bobbin winding is safe as the needle won’t move up and down. When using the twin needle (optional) the selected stitches can be adjusted to reduce the stitch width, so to create two parallel rows by adding a decorative touch. The product comes equipped with a six-segment feeding system, so the fabric is properly fed from the pressure foot to the rear. The pressure foot lifter for the product has two adjustable heights that allow for the fabric to insert easier through the sewing machine. Need to change the presser foot? Awesome! The product comes with ten of them that is included – zipper, blind hem, buttonhole, satin stitch, overcasting, gathering, rolled hem, quarter inch piecing, among others. That’s five more pressure feet than its troglodyte, knuckle-dragging ancestor, the Singer 7256.

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Unlike other sewing machines of the past, this sewing machine delivers with its sewing speed of 750 stitches per minute, so your projects not only come out quickly, but spectacular in such a short time. The product is usually priced at $300, but there are discounts with free shipping on popular sites as Amazon for only $159!

Are you new to sewing? No problem, as a DVD is included that walks first-timers with the basics, machine preparation, stitch basics, and much more. Are you experienced, but want to make sure you’re using the product properly? Excellent, as there is a user-friendly quick start guide that is only five minutes long. The singer 7258 reviews are mainly positive that acclaim the product’s special features that ease the sewing tasks, and that it’s much quieter to operate than other sewing machines, allowing you to focus crafting in fine detail.

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