Sewing projects for the HomeCrafting the perfect home décor to creatively adorn your home is possible, thanks to the following sewing projects for the home. These sewing projects are designed to make interior decorating a whole lot cheaper and customized to suit your taste. Unlike commercially-made home décor, personalized sewing projects give you the opportunity to express your creative skills and to produce a unique piece of work that the entire family will be proud of. Likewise, these projects are relatively simple and are fit for beginners. The following sewing projects for the home are ideal for getting started:

Table Runner: creating an appealing table runner to add a touch of beauty in the living room is not as difficult as it may appear to be. In fact, with the basic materials in hand, you can get started right away. One of the easiest patterns currently available is the Falling Leaves Table Runner by Adrienne Franklin. This project requires a combination of black and large leaf print fabric, together with several leaf prints and matching thread colors. The patterns are cut according to a special assembly design and sewn together in accordance with the specifications provided by this author.

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Patio Chair Pad: summer time is the perfect moment to adorn your patio chairs with colorful chair pad. Patio Chair pads add a touch of brightness to your furniture and improves the comfort of long hours of sitting. The first step involves cutting out the pattern on cardboard or paper according to the actual perimeter of the seat. On a separate piece of paper, a new pattern that would serve as the bottom part of the pad is traced. The cutting line for the bottom part is made about half inch inside of the traced line. The fabric is then cut according to the patterns traced on the paper. The foam that will fit between the two layers of fabric is centered on the wrong side of the bottom layer and covered by wrong side of the top layer. The assembly is held together with pins and the seams are later stitched. A strip of bias tape can be added to the seams and a zipper foot is stitched to the strip to allow easy removal of the foam.

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Place Mats: these make the perfect holiday gift and can be used to decorate your tables on special occasions. These sewing projects for the home are ideal for beginners looking to create something appealing and useful. For this project, fabric is needed for both the top and bottom sections of the mat, as well as for the napkins. Other important supplies include fleece, decorative ribbons and thread. Serger machines are usually utilized in this project, since they can make decorative patterns. The fleece is place between the two layers (top and bottom) of fabric and the decorative ribbons are stitched at the top of the mat. Special stitch patterns are made around the edges of the place mat to further highlight the creative looks.

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