Like I said on a whim I decided to make a quilt. I had never before in my life sewn anything other than in Home EC class in Jr. High.  So I started with a hundred dollar sewing machine and a bunch of handed down fabric pieces.  I didn’t know a thing about which stitches to use and which type of fabrics to use. I didn’t even really know how to use a sewing machine.   As you can see I used a variety of fabrics.

Look at the variety of fabrics usedOften on quilting sites they tell you to use the same types of fabric in your quilt.  There is a good reason for this. I am not a fabric snob.   As a matter of fact I love all types of fabric.  I am not a strict 100% cotton quilter fabric type of gal either.  I do believe though, from personal experience, that you need fabric that does not have a really loose weave or combine fabrics whose weight is so totally different.  I will show you why and what I am talking about.

Fabric Choices

Here you will see what happens when you put too heavy of fabric next to really light and airy fabric.   The red fabric is a chiffon type fabric, the green check fabric is a homespun material, the dark green is an upholstery brocade fabric(really heavy), the strawberry print fabric is a quilter cotton, and the light green that is torn is a really loose weave fabric, I believe it is a cotton too, but very light. The lighter fabric couldn’t withstand the stresses of being sewn to so strong of other fabrics.  It also didn’t hold up well when washed, thus a bad choice.   So fabrics of the same type and weight are a good choice as are fabrics that are close in weight.

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