KnittingOne distinct memory I have of my great grandmother is her sitting in her chair crocheting a blanket for my soon to be born little brother. I remember asking her to teach me, and she excitedly shared some yarn and needles. She began to teach me how to knit using a basic stitch, but in a child-like fashion I soon grew bored and abandoned the lesson.

Now that I am grown, I wish that I had let her share with me her knowledge. She always said that it “relaxed her” and that knitting had a meditative element to it. Now, with the stresses of being a college student I could definitely use a soothing hobby like that to keep me occupied.

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Besides being a relaxing activity that exercises both your motor skills and mind, for an aspiring fashion fanatic knit accessories are right on trend! So is saving money, if you’ve heard about the economy recently. If I’d taken the time to learn how to knit, I would always have a collection of colorful scarves, hats and sweaters to wear in the cold fall and winter months. Heck, I could even give them to my friends as gifts or sell them online to make a little extra money. In many ways I think these are a few of the reasons that knitting and crocheting are becoming so popular amongst young people once again. Our generation, who are addicted to websites like Pinterest and Etsy, can’t help but see the DIY appeal in learning this valuable skill.

The good news for me is that you are never too old to learn. I have found a few simple tutorials online (see video below) that teach you how to get started, and I am eager to take up this fun new hobby that was inspired my late great grandma. It was only a few days ago, that I saw a girl knitting in Starbucks, and I was inspired to finally learn how to do it myself. It seems that other people my age are also buying in to this “new age” knitting fad, and I can proudly say that knitting and crocheting is not just for old ladies anymore.

>>>>Start your Knitting Lessons now<<<<

Thankfully I was able to purchase all my knitting supplies online. And came across a few other interesting craft supplies that go me thinking, maybe cross-stitching is due for a comeback.


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