Janome 11706 Hello KittyThe Janome 11706 has revolutionized the way we look at sewing today. This eye – catching, adorable sewing machine provides state of the art and premium quality results, which will leave you remarkably impressed. The Janome hello kitty 11706 sewing machine is a classic example of beauty being worth more than just face value! In fact, it is no secret that behind this colorful and attractive machine lies a powerhouse of functionality. The Janome 11706 simply redefines the way we approach basic sewing, repair and crafting of intricate designs.

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What makes the Janome  Hello Kitty Sewing Machine so special?

The Janome hello kitty 11706 sewing machine features a wide range of properties that make it an important tool for newbies, as well as an accessory tool for experts in the field of sewing. From an aesthetic point of view, the Janome 11706 provides a refreshing appearance and brightens up your workplace, while creating a unique psychological state of mind to enhance creativity and to motivate you to work. This totally eliminates the stagnant feeling of boredom, once created by regular traditional sewing machines that learners have always shunned.

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Unlike regular models of sewing machines, the Janome hello kitty 11706 packs a mere 12 lbs., thereby facilitating ease of portability. Simply put, you can carry your sewing machine practically wherever you go! This feature is of utmost importance to students and beginners, who are required to carry their personal equipment to school. Likewise, ease of portability also allows regular sewists to take their sewing machine to and from their respective workplaces without any hassles. Added to this, there is no need to reassemble any parts of the Janome hello kitty 11706 after transfer from one place to another; as soon as you arrive at your destination, you can get back to work immediately!

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The Janome hello kitty 11706 sewing machine also features an eleven stitch design and a four-step buttonhole, which enable optimum sewing capacity, while guaranteeing premium quality results. Another important element is the reverse stitching capacity that produces a professional finish on the seams of clothing. The Janome hello kitty 11706 sewing machine may surprise you with its quality performance, since it is capable of carrying out heavy duty stitching for increase strength and a more resistant finish.

To top off all of the above mentioned, the Janome hello kitty 11706 sewing machine comes with an entirely in-built accessory storage compartment. This accessory storage can be used to organize and safely store away buttons, needles, thread and other requisite sewing materials. The Janome 11706 also comes equipped with a free arm for working with special parts of clothing, such as shirt sleeves, hems and pant legs. All of these features make this sewing machine stand out, but the cost is perhaps one of the most important advantages. Unlike many current models, the Janome hello kitty 11706 is relatively cheaper, with a significant reduction in the actual list price. This signifies more value for less, with multiple features to explore with this remarkable sewing machine!

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