Memory Craft 6600P

The Janome 6600 Memory Craft Professional Sewing Machine, Quilts, AcuFeed System, Start/Stop Button, 163 Stitches across 4 Modes, Zigzag and Has a Recall Memory Banks.
This new offering from Janome , the Janome 6600P is a successor to the highly popular MC6500P which had been acclaimed as the Sewing Machine for mammoth projects concerning sewing ,quilting, zigzagging and including the AcuFeed system. This is the Layered Fabric Feeding System that ensures quilting and sewing are precise and smooth on all types of fabric. The Janome 6600P is fully loaded with various features which qualify it for multi-purpose functions, users will find sewing as an easy job in one place.

Working with this sewing machine one can accomplish so many tasks without sacrificing the body’s health. Various types of sewing can be attained using this product. By looking at the features, we will find the versatility of this product.

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The Memory Craft Janome 6600P has almost all the features of the Janome MC6500P  such as the aluminum body, longer arm and others that we will show you later. The working space is longer than any other competitor in the market. The motor is designed to sew more than 1000 stitches per minute, 25% percent faster than other brands. The pedal foot can be relaxed while you are quilting and seaming into a large area. Now let us see what this sewing  machine can offer:

Features and Specifications of the Janome 6600:

With an AcuFeed system
Sewing, quilting and zigzagging
Start and stop button
163 stitches in 4 modes
Bobbin winder has separate motor
Built-In needle thread
Rotary hook model in horizontal position
Sensor buttonholes: 7 one-step
Backlit LCD enhanced
Standard feed,14
Quick command keys
With visible pressure gauge
Bobbin winder thread cutter
Pop-up hook plate cover
Zigzag width: adjustable
Maximum zigzag width:7mm
With 5 memory banks :Recall/ Previous settings
With knee lifter
Arm space is 8.8” X 4.7” (W X H)
With twin needle guard
Aluminum body
With two Alphanumeric font
Buzzer sound adjustment: 4 levels
7 pieces SS –plate for feed-dog
Upper feeding system with spool stand
Jam-proof ,full rotary hook system
Extra-high presser lift of foot
71 needle drop positions
Range of stitch width: 0to 7mm
Range of stitch length:0 to 5mm
Machine weight: 64 lb.
Machine size: 19.5 X 11.8 X 8.6 inch
Extended seam allowance guide

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With these endless features buyer s are sure that they hit the jackpot. The Janome 6600 Memory Craft Professional sewing machine really has a punch. Its aluminum body guaranties the users of a clean and smooth surface free of rust. The 163 stitches have an On-Screen manipulation that lets the user on a free selection of any stitch you desire. The screen is so clear, stitches can be customized and save into memory. The easy to operate Start /Stop button makes sewing more convenient. The knee lifter lifts the foot without the hands leaving the sewing table. The spring is so dense; lifting the foot is just like crossing your legs. You can thread the needle so easily because of its automatic feature that allows threading more smoothly and without a hitch.

The machine is equipped with an AcuFeed system wherein the fabric is guide perfectly from both the top and the bottom resulting to a smooth laying of the fabric. Only the Janome 6600P integrates its ingenious AcuFeed foot to an innovative 7-point feed dog system.
When working on very large projects, the Janome 6600P Memory Craft is really user-friendly, especially when shifting to and from quilting, sewing and buttonholing which require fast-pacing that brings inconvenience to sewers.
Selecting the stitches is as simple as picking flowers from your garden. You have just to pick the type of stitch you desire and just dial it on the numbered touch pad and there you go!
When you are able to identify the stitch you want to use, the LCD shows which presser foot is to be used and it will guide through the required adjustments. The Janome 6600P Memory Craft comes with the following accessories: zigzag foot A, zipper foot E, lint brush, satin stitch foot F, overedge foot C, overcast foot M, blind hem foot G among others.
Product Warranty is defined below:
Mechanical parts, 25 years
Electrical parts, 5 years
Labor and services, 1 year

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