Use right quilting sewing machineThere are two things I have to say to quilters, get the right tools they make a difference and don’t be fooled, get the right tools they make a difference. Today you have many, many choices for sewing machines on the market. Some are fantastic and others not so fantastic. More and more companies are catering to the quilting community. It wasn’t always this way. Maybe I’m just clueless, but I was recently awakened to the benefits of a quilting sewing machine vs. a regular sewing machine. I was looking at Pfaffs (since they are my favorite) and of course their new Creative Vision is what I lust for, but to be prudent I decided to take another look at their other machines. I am the type of person that if I am going to spend the money for something I want the best with the most extras for the best price. Pfaff has amazing engineering and once you have sewn on a high end machine you never want to go back. I would recommend a Pfaff, any Pfaff, over just about any other brand.

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A few months ago I sold my two sewing machines. I had a Pfaff Grand Quilter with an Inspira Quilting Rack and an older Babylock Esante. My husband and I were starting a new business and needed the room and the cash. It hurt to sell my babies, but at that point I hadn’t quilted in almost 9 months due to having a real baby who took up all of my time. So I sold them, with great sacrifice on my mind, thinking that I could get something bigger and better next time, when we were making millions. Alas my craving for sewing returned, my son got older, we weren’t making millions yet and I had nothing to sew on.

What to do, it was driving me crazy, I needed to sew. It is like needing a drink of water. I desperately needed to sew. So I cooked up a solution.

My mother in law has a sewing machine, an old Bernina, from ancient days. When you step on the pedal the motor will rev, but the needle doesn’t go up and down. You need to help it along by turning the wheel to get the needle going. Needless to say this makes any kind of precision sewing impossible especially when quilting huge king size quilts. I on the other hand had no sewing machine and a half way done quilt I had started for her last year. So in exchange for using the sewing machine I would finish her quilt and get paid to do it.

I don’t know why I like to sew because even with a great sewing machine there are always problems to solve. Maybe I like the struggle, because that is what it is every time, a struggle. Especially when I am quilting a large quilt. So here I am quilting this thing wondering what am I doing. I need to have at least three hands to do what needs to be done to sew on this machine. The stitching to say the least is not fantastic. Not to mention all I have is the arm of the sewing machine with no table. Ugh, the fabric keeps catching on that to add to all the stitching problems. Not to mention there isn’t enough room for the excess part of the quilt to fit under the arm of the machine. After fighting with the quilt for a few days I finished quilting together the top and bottom. Now on to my favorite part, the binding! She said quick and dirty and quick and dirty it is. The finished product looks pretty good from far away. Don’t look too close at the stitching please.

The whole point of this is that you need the correct tools to get the results you want. A good machine is priceless. It will save you time not to mention your sanity. Quilting machines have a longer arm to help with the excess of your rolled up quilt. This is very important if you want your stitches to be even. Instead of you struggling to shove the quilt through and having it catch on everything you can have a nice even feed. This is a very good thing. I have one compliant about quilting machines and that is the lack of built in stitches. Some have a lot of choices, but most don’t have nearly the same amount as does a regular sewing machine. My dream would be to have a CV by Pfaff because it offers the long arm and the choice in stitching I want plus the ability to embroider. Who could want more? I would want one for piecing and another for embroidery and a Gammill with a Statler Stitcher for Quilting everything together. I have very expensive tastes, but I don’t like to fight my machines. I would rather enjoy what I am doing.

Please feel free to post your opinions or questions on good sewing machines.

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