Easy Sewing Patterns for BeginnersFinding easy sewing patterns for beginners can be a bit difficult, especially if you are looking for simpler projects to work on. Starting off as a novice in the sewing industry requires a step by step approach. As a result, we have compiled a series of easy sewing projects for beginners, with the aim of ensuring that you get the best out of all your sewing projects. The following projects are ideal for beginners:

Pillow covers
These are excellent and straight – forward projects for starters. In addition, pillow cases are ideal for decorating rooms and furniture, as well as hiding the old, worn out pillows. The process all starts with the measurement of the pillow and the addition of an extra half inch to the edges so that the seams can be stitched properly. Two pieces of the chosen fabric are later measured and cut. Sewing must be started in the middle of any of the side edges with the half-inch measurement left for the seams. All of the edges must be stitched, except for the unstitched half-side of the starting edge. The cover is later turned right side out and the pillow carefully inserted and through the unstitched region, which is then slip stitched.
These are very easy to make and they serve a great purpose around the house, especially in the kitchen. This is one of the easy sewing patterns for beginners that require only a yard of fabric (preferably pre – washed) and the regular sewing accessories. The tools required for this project include a sewing machine, straight pins, a pair of scissors and an iron. The main parts of this procedure involve shaping the body of the apron, followed by the making of pockets and strips.

Tote bags
The tote bag is a sewing pattern that is perfect for beginners and features a wide range of options that include the Tote bagsoutside pockets for storing items. This project provides a great opportunity for beginners to share the product of their new-found skills with others, since these tote bags can be taken outdoors. The general requirements for such a project include the regular sewing equipment and accessories and approximately two meters of the fabric of choice. The fabric should be pre – washed in order to allow shrinking before making the tote bag. A regular tote bag carries fabric for the body, lining, pockets and straps. Decorative buttons may be used for the outside pocket.

Baby Bibs
Believe it or not, baby bibs are perhaps the cheapest and easiest sewing patterns for beginners. This project can also Baby Bibsbe completed in a matter of minutes. Baby bibs can be made using scraps of fabric left over from bigger projects. Pre – washed, ironed fabric is recommended for use. A piece of cardboard or pattern paper can be used to design the template from which the bib would be crafted. For quilted bibs, two layers of fabric must be placed over a cotton lining and stitched at all of the edges, except for the neck hole, through which the bib will be turned inside out. A strip of solid fabric is then stitched along the lining of the neck hole and serves as the bib tie.
These easy sewing patterns for beginners would serve as a stepping stone in the learning process, while providing useful home and personal accessories.

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