If you are very new to the sewing industry, perhaps these easy beginner sewing projects would be the best choice to start off your career. These projects are relatively easy to accomplish and they make use of very basic sewing resources and materials. In addition, most easy beginner sewing projects can be made from scraps of materials and used clothing that you may otherwise want to throw away. A few of these basic and easy beginner sewing projects are as follows:

Pencil case: pencil cases are ideal starter projects and they make a great gift for the young ones at home. The materials needed for this easy beginner sewing project include rectangular pieces of felt. The Pencil casemore colorful the strips of felt, the more creative it will be! One end of the felt must be folded upwards and a flap should be left between the edges of the folded felt. The open sides that are formed must be closed by stitching and the flap at the top of the pocket that is formed must be bent over to close the pocket. A button hole should be opened on the flap and a button stitched to the folded part of the felt to close the pocket made. Special embroidery can also be made on the pencil case to make it a lot more attractive.

Sock Wristbands: throwing away your old pair of socks is no longer an option; after all, you can convert them into precious looking wristbands for your sporting outings. To make these wristbands you will have to use the thicker Sock Wristbandsregion of the sock, since this area will be a lot more elastic in nature. Other sewing resources include needle, thread and a sharp pair of scissors. In order to proceed with this project, the pair of socks must be turned inside out and then a rectangular section of the sock must be cut out. The best part of the socks for a good wristband would be the ankle region. Once the rectangular piece of sock is obtained, you must proceed to fold in the open ends that have been cut out and then stitch the seam.Click here for full tutorial.

Capri’s: turning a pair of long pants into capri’s is another easy beginner sewing project that Capri’srequires very few steps and resources. The materials needed include a pair of scissors, measuring tape, pins, iron, sewing machine or kit, chalk and the pair of pants that will be modified. The first step involves wearing the pants in order to mark out the exact length that you would like the capri’s to be. Using the chalk, make an equally visible mark on each pant leg and then remove the pair of pants and set it down on the work table. Measure the hem length according to your preference. Ensure that both hems are equal in length. Using the pair of scissors, cut the legs of the pants in a straight line so as to maintain equality of length. The shorts must then be turned inside out and a half inch seam must be bent inside and pinned. The seam is then ironed and the pins removed. Ensure that the hems are equal once more and then proceed to stitch the seams.watch the video for more sewing projects for beginners.

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