Choosing a Sewing MachineChoosing a sewing machine is a big step in the sewing career since you are now about to move from the basic sewing kit, with needle and thread, to something more complex and expensive. Therefore, making the right decision is of utmost importance, since errors can result in financial losses or the inability to utilize the functions on the sewing machine. These are many factors that must be taken into careful consideration when choosing a sewing machine.
Before even venturing off to get yourself a new sewing machine, there are some basic questions that you must ask yourself. These questions revolve around the type of task that you will undertake with your new machine; the location of use and storage, the estimated duration of use and your overall budget.

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These factors will determine exactly which of the many types of sewing machines is just right for you. With regards to the type of tasks that would be undertaken, you must be clear as to whether you will be making clothes, designing crafts and decorative projects, repairing clothing or a combination of all of these options. Automated and computerized sewing machines are really good for making cloths and basic household crafts and projects, while sergers are excellent for embroidery and other similar creative decorations.
Depending on the location in which you will be working, you would also want to choose your sewing machines carefully. For example, if you are planning on using a special sewing room at home, you may be able to choose larger machines that take up more space as compared to sewing in the kitchen or living room. In the case of the last two locations, smaller, more compact sewing machines with built – in storage compartments may be a lot more practical for use, since these areas would have a great deal of household items. Likewise, if you are a beginner and your training requires that you carry your sewing machine back and forth from school, you would preferably choose a lighter and more portable sewing machine. Usually these portable machines come prepared with a case in which they can be carried.

Depending on the estimated duration of your sewing work, you may want to choose a sewing machine accordingly. Beginners may purchase cheaper models of sewing machine with a shorter shelf life since their main aim is to practice and to move on to more complex sewing. On the other hand, experts and intermediate users may be in search of a heavy duty and long lasting sewing machine. Such machines would facilitate complex stitching and would usually carry a bigger price tag, along with a bigger warranty.

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Your budget is one of the greatest restricting factors and if it wasn’t so, nearly everyone would seek to purchase the most expensive sewing machines. Nevertheless the reality is that your budget ultimately decides the type of sewing machine you can afford. Despite this fact, you can undertake a savings program that will help you to choose a machine based on the other factors, rather than simply the cost.

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