Buying a Sewing Machine for BeginnersGetting into the sewing industry, as a beginner, requires a basic notion of the art. Likewise, finding the right sewing machine for beginners is an important aspect of the trade. Many different types of sewing machines are currently available on the market. As a beginner, you will observe that sewing machines have a series of different features which may not be necessary for starters. In addition, you will come into contact with all different types of machines, including computerized, mechanical and electronic sewing machines. Due to the immense variety of features and machines, you may be a bit confused as to exactly what is best for you as a beginner.

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Features to look for when buying a sewing machine for beginners

The ideal beginner’s sewing machine has a limited number of features. These features will guarantee that beginners achieve the basic practice required for moving on to a more advanced level, without any difficulty or unnecessary complexity. The basic features include simple stitch patterns. The two main stitch patterns are the regular stitch and the zigzag pattern. These two patterns can be used for virtually all beginner projects.

The ideal beginner’s sewing machine should also allow users to understand and make the necessary adjustments to the stitch tension, stitch length and stitch width. Other important features of a good beginner’s sewing machine include the presence of a buttonhole foot and a zipper foot for practicing basic finishing projects. A beginner’s machine should be equipped with a free arm for learning to stitch hard to reach areas such as cuffs, sleeves and waistbands. The presence of a reverse function is also an important element for an ideal beginner’s sewing machine.
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Other important considerations for buying a sewing machine for beginners

Cost is a big factor that must be carefully considered. A beginner should seek to purchase a sewing machine that is relatively cheap because eventually, a more complex machine may be required as the level of knowledge and expertise in the field of sewing increases. Mechanical machines are usually cheaper than the other models. Mechanical machines also allow users to adjust the basic features manually.
The type of project that will be undertaken also influences the choice of sewing machine that should be purchased. Computerized sewing machines are the best choice for embroidery, while mechanical and electronic sewing machines are ideal for regular clothing manufacture and repair.

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If you are considering sewing as a full time career, you may want to invest in a very good machine with multiple features from the start. These features may not be used initially, but with time and practice they will later be incorporated in the learning process. Purchasing such a machine will help you save time and money in the long run, since you will not have to worry about purchasing a second sewing machine as you advance in your career.
Always ensure that you can test run your machine prior to making the purchase. If this is not feasible, you can gain some more insight by reading the reviews of customers, who have purchased the model of sewing machine that you plan to buy.

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