Brother XL2600i

Brother XL2600I Sew Advance Sew Affordable 25-Stitch Free-Arm Sewing MachineAre you in search of a reliable and multifunctional sewing machine that guarantees quality? If so, the Brother xl2600i sewing machine is just the right choice for you. This user friendly sewing machine is great for beginners and facilitates ease of learning, while providing a wide range of options and designs to suit your every need. The Brother XL2600i brings out the very best of creativity in every user, since it provides new and innovative stitching patterns to explore. In fact, this sewing machine features up to 25 Built-in utility, decorative and heirloom stitches that open up new doors to creating stitch patterns like never before

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Apart from merely sewing, the Brother XL2600i can be utilized for creating a series of decorative patterns on clothing, as well as for quilting. In addition, a huge variety of homemade crafts and fashions can be created with this amazing sewing machine. There are many unique properties that characterize the Brother xl2600i sewing machine. It features a 1-step auto-size button holer that adjusts to suit your specifications. The machine also comes fully equipped with a built-in thread cutter to facilitate continuous sewing, without having to stop to grab a pair of scissors. The drop-in bobbin mechanism allows you to monitor the thread feed as you work.

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The Brother XL2600i is ingeniously designed with a free arm that facilitates the easy stitching of cuffs and sleeves. This feature ensures that all hard to reach parts of your clothing and crafts are accounted for. Not to mention, the Brother xl2600i sewing machine performs both forward and reverse stitching, with variable needle positions for providing a wider range of stitching options. In addition, twin needle arrangement for undertaking more intricate decorative stitching.

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The Brother xl2600i sewing machine is well known for its ease of portability. This is not only due to the fact that it weighs next to nothing, but also because it comes fitted with a built – in handle that allows you to carry it without any hassles. Likewise, this convenient sewing machine features a built – in light that provides maximum illumination for optimum results. A built- in storage compartment is readily available for all accessories. Some of these accessories accompanying  the Brother XL2600i and can be used for quilting, button sewing and zipper insertion, among other uses.

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One extremely thrilled client mentioned in his Brother xl2600i review that “this machine is durable and easy to use, when compared to the affordable price at which it is sold.” The Brother xl2600i manual provides simplified instructions on machine use and care. These instructions are written in both English and Spanish, thereby accommodating a diversity of users.

The Brother xl2600i sewing machine carries a 25-year limited warranty. This ensures that you can always trust in the company that produces this equipment; after all, theBrother XL2600iy stand by their name and they value reputation. The Brother xl2600i sewing machine is extremely affordable and can be currently purchased at an amazingly reduced price. This sewing machine would go a long way in ensuring that you achieve great results without emptying your pockets!

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