Brother Vs Singer Sewing MachinesBoth Brother International and Singer sewing machines are world renown. There joint sales worldwide cover approximately 70%, so apart from having the monopoly of sales they are also top choice for beginner and expert sewers.

Warranties and Support

Brother– there are several warranties that cover the machine, but do read the small print carefully. The warranty is for 25 years from the date of purchase, but this is only for the chassis casing not for the whole machine. The warranty that covers parts and labour for the accessories is only 2 years. Any of the electrical components (including circuitry) are covered for 6 years. Although the Brother Sewing Machine arrives with a hard copy of the machine, you are also have online access to the manual. Disappointingly there are no video tutorials, but support access is available by phone or email.

Singer –just like the Brother machines, the Singer arrives with three warranties. It has a 25 year warranty on the ‘sewing machine head’, which tech speak is the chassis. There is a 5 year warranty on the motor (this includes the light assembly and fixture, wiring, speed control and all of the electrical components. There is a 1 year warranty on belts, bulbs and attachments. As there are so many attachments to the singer machines, you would hope that there was a video tutorial, or at least a community forum, but unfortunately there is none.

It is a shame that the worldwide market leaders and most trusted manufacturers of sewing machines for sewers of all abilities have not taken advantage of modern technology to instruct and support their customers.

Sewing Abilities

Brother – the range of machines have an amazing catalogue of abilities. Even the heavy duty machine has a built in memory of 294 stitches that vary from everyday stitching to decorative, and has the versatility for quilting or for making clothes. It will sew an amazing 850 stitches a minute, allowing you to customise your machine to suit your project. Brother now has created a machine that can magically produce over 10 buttonhole styles that are produced in a one step process. Not only that it can also use a twin needle to create amazing hems. The only down side especially for beginners is that the tension is adjusted manually. This requires a bit of practise, and can be frustrating at times. A tip here is to make a note of the tension that works best with a particular fabric and thread (also make note of the needle size), this will give you ready access to tried and tested experiences.

Singer– the newest offering from Singer boasts over 600 patterns of stitching, and just like the Brother can sew at 850 stitches a minute. This may seem like a very fast speed, but sewing at this speed is very efficient. Unlike the Brother this machine has automatic tension control and an automatic bobbin winder and it cuts the thread. The new heavy duty model adapts well to light or heave fabrics; it has 13 different buttonhole styles and can attach buttons. But it is not clear if you need to stop the movement of the feed dogs before you do this. It also has the capability to use twin needles for hemming.

There are differences and similarities between the sewing machines available from both manufacturers. The capability of both are very similar and at the end of the day either brand could support a new sewer or a more accomplished sewer.

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