Brother LS2125iYou are sitting on a sturdy wooden chair in a room. The sun’s rays barely penetrate through the white blinds as you work effortlessly processing fabric through the sewing machine’s feed. A button hole here and button hole there. A collar fined and sharpened to make the shirt appear as if it came from a designer magazine. You pull out needles and bobbins as sweat collects on your forehead. You are careful that everything works according to plan, and then it happens, something is wrong – at the corner of the shirt you have spent hours crafting, a tear as the sewing machine abruptly stops. You shake it in frustration and take a sigh. It is time to replace that broken sewing machine for something new and reliable, the Brother LS2125i sewing machine!

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The Brother LS2125i sewing machine is a lightweight, portable product only weighs seven pounds. That is only three pounds lighter than a toy poodle! It has a footprint of under 15 width times 6.5 in diameter, so it fits on any desk or table. It does not take up much space, so the sewing machine leaves extra space for related work that saves time. The sewing machine comes with ten built in stitches to create the clothing project of your dreams through garment construction, decorative stitches, automatic buttonhole, and quilting stitches. Do you want to select a stitch without pressing buttons? That is easy as it only takes turning a dial to do so. Are you new when it comes to operating sewing machines? That is not a problem as there is an easy to follow instruction manual that covers all the basics (threading, bobbin winding, creating buttonholes, and the built-in free arm to sew pant hems and sleeves). The sewing machine, Brother LS2125i is great for basic sewing, so it will be both easy and fun to make alterations to clothing and home decorations.

The Brother LS2125i sewing machine has a dial that ensures stitches are smooth, unlike other sewing machines that have puckered and loose stiches, so while feeding your fabric is uninterrupted. If you want the tension to increase on the worked denim fabric, simply turn the dial to the right. For the tension to decrease on the light weight fabric, simply turn the dial to the left. The bobbin installation is simple to operate for this machine. Simply, with the upper thread in place, set the bobbin on the winder and push the bobbin to the right. The bobbin automatically wounds for you. Do you either have a problem with threading or new to it? That is not an issue as there is a diagram that is printed on the machine that shows you how to successfully thread. The diagram and directions printed on the sewing machine come in four languages, so those not of English-speaking countries can understand how to operate it.

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The Brother LS2125i has easily removable and snapped on feet that allow for a diversity of sewing operations to complete projects – the zipper, button, and buttonhole foot. As you work on your project, the product comes with a foot controller pedal to assists you. The product comes with an accessory pouch that contains three bobbins, needle set, twin needle, darning plate, and an extra spool pin. Do you speak either Spanish or English? There is a supplied manual that describes how to operate the machine. In addition there is a twenty-five year limited warranty and free phone support. All of this included with the Brother LS2125i for $129…well, actually, it is $80 plus free shipping when ordered on!

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